Squad Member Tlaib Pushes Bill for Bailing out People who Did Not Pay Water, Electricity Bills

Rashida Tlaib

Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib from Michigan is trying to push a bill aimed at letting people who do not pay electricity, water, or broadband bills go off the hook, Fox News informed.

The progressive Democrat, member of the Squad tweeted on Wednesday Morning that debt regarding water, electricity, and broadband from unpaid bills should be canceled.

However, she then changed her wording on Thursday by saying that a bailout, and not the cancellation is needed instead.

She argued that people should not live without water and some other critical services seeking analogy in the case where the Congress in 2008 crisis bailed out the banks although they were the culprit.

Tlaib continued that there should be no doubt in bailing out the people, who did not do anything wrong and are faced with the deep impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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