Cuban FM Blames US for Paris Embassy Molotov Attack

After the call from US and several other countries for Cuba to respect human rights and release the detained in recent mass protests, the Cuban embassy in Paris went through a Molotov cocktail attack after which Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez used Twitter to place the blame on the US government, blasting American rhetoric regarding the protests in Cuba, Fox News reports

Rodriguez pointed on Twitter that on Twitter that he holds the US government responsible for its constant anti-Cuban campaigns that entices violence on the island.

Since the unprecedented demonstrations erupted across the island earlier this month, several Cuban embassies across the world have witnessed protests as a reaction with Cuban government blaming Washington for orchestrating the protests and the embargo that suffocates Cuban economy.

The International Press Center of the Cuban Foreign Ministry later posted on Twitter photos from the Paris Embassy denouncing the terrorist attack.

The US and 20 right-leaning Latin American governments and other US allies issued a joint statement on Monday urging Cuba to respect rights and freedoms of the Cuban people and to free people detained for exercising their rights to peaceful protests.

“We urge the Cuban government to heed the voices and demands of the Cuban people,” said the statement, which also called for an end to internet restrictions.

Rodriguez dismissed the statement, claiming Cuba is support from 184 nations that demand for US to stop the embargo and challenging US government to prove its slanders and allegations by presenting evidence.

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