Mayor of Salt Lake City Signs Joint Resolution Declaring Racism Public Health Crisis

Erin Mendenhall, the Mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah, on Tuesday said that she and the city council signed a joint resolution in which they declared racism to be a public health crisis, Fox News informed.

The Democratic mayor took to Twitter to announce the joint resolution saying that they are declaring the existence of a great inequity that affected many in the community, adding that they will commit to creating policies and ordinances that are anti-racist.

The resolution cites the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and declares racism to be a serious threat to public health because it is proven that it has serious impacts on the physical and mental health of people of color.

The President Biden’s appointed director of the CDC acknowledged racism as a serious public health’s threat in April.

The resolution from Salt Lake City also argues that racism affects numerous aspects of one person’s life, including where they live, work or even go to school.

This creates inequities in their access to a range of economic and social benefits.

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