Kristi Noem Fiercely Criticizes Biden at CPAC Speech, Says Damage Needs to Be Fixed

Donald Trump and Kristi Noem Photo: EPA

South Dakota’s Republican Governor Kristi Noem once again fiercely criticized US President Joe Biden and his administration on Sunday, while showcasing her conservative credentials at the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) held in Texas, Fox News informed.

Addressing the crowd at the event, Noem said that President Joe Biden made the nation fall flat on the face and that it is time for fixing the damages he is doing.

Noem, who is a strong supporter of former US President Donald Trump, highlighted that Trump had the country right where the nation wanted to be.

She also mentioned the “Marxist indoctrination” that was being taught in the schools saying that it is on a path to destroy US.

Noem also mentioned the migrant influx at the southern border with Mexico, boasting that she was the first governor to send help to Texas and Arizona, arguing that if the federal government is not capable of doing its job then governors have to step in and do it.

After addressing the crowd at the CPAC, Noem was interviewed by Fox News’ Mike Emanuel, where she argued that if she was part of the White House, she would immediately send assistance and resources on the southern border in order to make sure that it is secure.

Her National Guard move has also got the attention in the previous weeks after several reports that were confirmed by her office said that a GOP conservative donor provided funds for deploying the National Guard of South Dakota to the southern border in Texas.

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