Russia Ready to Cooperate on Cybersecurity, Putin Tells Biden in Phone Call

Moscow is ready to tackle criminal activities in cyberspace together with the US and the cybersecurity cooperation between the two countries should be regular and professional, but Washington hasn’t outlined properly individual cases, Russian President Vladimir Putin told his US counterpart, President Joe Biden, during their nearly one-hour phone call Firday.

Pointing to the special data-sharing channels between the relevant Russian and American authorities. Putin said that cyberattacks are a major challenge that Moscow and Washington face together and that requires cooperation between the two nations to be regular, professional and non-politicized.

According to the statement that Kremlin issued, Putin – responding to Biden’s demand on Russia to act every time a ransomware attack is launched from its territory- told Biden that Washington has not reacted on any such cases over the past months or contacted the relevant Russian agencies.

Kremlin quoted the Russian leader noting that despite the Russian side’s readiness for joint efforts to stop crimes in the information space, no inquiries on these matters came from the US security agencies in the past month regarding the cyberattacks allegedly originating from Russia.

Although a White House spokeswoman admitted after the phone call that Washington has no new evidence that Moscow has anything to do with the cyberattacks, Biden said after the phone call with Putin that there will still be US consequences for ransomware attacks, without providing details, according to ABC News.

Asked what actions he wanted or expected Putin to take against the cyberattacks, Biden was reluctant in answering, pointing that it’s not appropriate to say what he expects him to do.

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