Saudi Arabia Unveils Ambitious National Logistics Strategy

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad bin Salman, has launched the National Logistics Strategy, which aims to modernize the entire transport infrastructure of the kingdom, Al Arabiya TV reported.

The implementation of a large-scale program will allow Saudi Arabia “to invest in its convenient geographical position in the center of three continents and to diversify its economy,” said the heir to the throne.

According to him, the strategy relies on effective management models to improve institutional work in the transport and logistics system of the largest Arab monarchy.

“The strategy is aimed at developing infrastructure and launching several platforms and logistics zones in the kingdom. The modernization and expansion of the transport sector are one of the key goals of the Vision 2030 program, they are designed to ensure sustainable development (of the Saudi economy), ”added the crown prince.
The goal is to make the largest Arab economy the fifth in the world in terms of air traffic, increase the number of destinations for more than 250 international destinations, launch a new national carrier and add new opportunities in the air cargo sector, bringing its capacity to more than 4.5 million tons per year. …

As part of the strategy presented, Saudi seaports should increase their combined throughput to more than 40 million containers per year.

The program as a whole is aimed at improving the logistic efficiency index of the Kingdom, so that it is among the ten leading countries in the world for this indicator.

Part of the ambitious transport project is the rail link between Saudi Arabia and other Gulf monarchies.

The strategy will help increase the contribution of the transport and logistics sector to national GDP to 10 percent, as well as increase non-oil revenues in the kingdom, the world’s largest producer of liquid hydrocarbons.

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