UK Renewed Portugal Travel Restrictions Citing ‘Nepal Mutation’

Portugal will be dropped from the UK’s safe travel list on Tuesday and moved from “green” to “amber” on its color-coded list of travel restrictions – meaning travelers will now have to isolate 10 days when returning to the country- over rising coronavirus cases and fears of a new Nepal mutation, New York Post reports.

Other amber countries on UK’s list include France, Spain and the U.S.

Transport Secretary Grant Schapps said in a video broadcast on Thursday that it was difficult decision to make, but noted that two things really raised concern: nearly doubled positive rate since the last review in Portugal and theNepal mutation of the Indian variant which has been detected.

He said the move is a safety-first approach with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland announcing possible adoption of the same changes.

The statement WHO Nepal tweeted on Thursday says the organization is not aware of any new variant detected in country, but Public Health England (PHE) pointed it is aware of reports linking an additional mutation K417N to what the WHO calls Delta variant.

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