Putin: Russia, U.S. Need to Find Ways to Mend Relations

Russian media quoted on Friday Russian President Vladimir Putin as saying that he and U.S. President Joe Biden need to find ways to mend relations between Russia and the United States at the upcoming talks in Geneva.

During a speech at the 24th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), Putin noted they’ll discuss matters concerning bilateral relations and the need of finding ways to mend the relations. According to Putin’s statement, the two presidents will discuss strategic stability, settlement of international conflicts, as well as countering terrorism.

Moscow previously expressed hope that Putin and Biden would discuss global strategic stability and U.S.-Russia relations at the upcoming talks with the White House noting that the agenda will include issues relating to Ukraine and Belarus, the New START treaty, and Iran.

Making his first international trip as president, Biden will go to Geneva immediately after separate summits with his key Western allies in the G-7, NATO and the EU.

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