COVID-19 Bills Exempting Michigan Graduations from Crowd Limits Vetoed by Gov. Whitmer

A pair of bills related to capacity limit sizes at graduation ceremonies and open records requests during the coronavirus pandemic, passed by the statehouse, were vetoed this week by Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, The Hill writes.

The first bill, HB 4728, would have barred the state health department or local health officials from issuing orders that restrict high school graduation ceremonies’ attending in person this spring and summer  with Whitmer calling it “a solution in search of a problem”.

She also argued that the second bill, HB 4448, would have prevented state officials from using the coronavirus pandemic as a reason to delay responding to requests made for public records through the Michigan Freedom of Information Act, “constraining the governor’s ability to protect the people of Michigan.”

According to the Detroit Free Press, Whitmer wrote in a veto letter that rather than sending her half-baked and punchless legislation like HB 4728, she encourage the Legislature to join her in eradicating this pandemic and making transformational investments in the U.S. economy.

Whitmer has faced scorn from Republicans nationwide during the pandemic in regards to public health measures and a staggered reopening of the state’s economy.

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