Iranian Naval Tanker Crashes in the Gulf of Oman

Source: Islam Times

One Iranian naval support ship sank in the Gulf of Oman on Wednesday after failing to put out a fire that engulfed it, but the crew evacuated safely, the Iranian military said.

The tanker “Kharg” caught fire on Tuesday near the port of Oman in the Gulf of Oman, Yasco, when flames ignited in one of its systems, the navy said in a statement. According to the military, although efforts were made to extinguish the flame for 20 hours, the ship eventually sank.

“As a result of the fire, efforts to rescue “Kharg” failed and it sank in the waters near Yasco,” the navy added.

The navy also stated that the ship sailed a few days ago in international waters to take part in a training mission.

The “Kharg” was one of the few ships in the Iranian navy that could replenish the stocks of other ships at sea. It could also be used to transport heavy cargo and as a helicopter platform.

This 207 meters long tanker was built in 1977 in the United Kingdom, and it was delivered to the Iranian navy in 1984, after lengthy negotiations in Iran following the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

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