New York State Citizens Downloaded 1.1M Vaccine Passports Since Launch

Approximately 1.1 million Excelsior Passes, the State of New York’s vaccine passports, proof of vaccination or a COVID-19 negative test result, have been downloaded onto phones and computers as of last week since the start of the program in March, The New York Times reports.

According to state data, that number is still far lower than the more than 10.7 million New Yorkers who have been vaccinated. Obtaining Excelsior Pass means requires New Yorkers to download an app, which then generates a secure QR code that can be scanned by participating businesses and venues.

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo pointed that Excelsior Pass is one of the tools to fight the spread of COVID-19, and New York in March was the first and only state to implement such vaccine passport-type platform.

Americans has so far shown support for vaccine passports for airplane travel and for attending large crowd events with, but not in other public areas.

According to Gallup’s May poll, 57 percent of Americans approve a vaccination proof for airplane travel, while 43 percent opposing such a measure.  When it comes to for attending large crowds’ events,  55 percent of Americans said they support requiring vaccine passports compared to 45 percent who were opposed.

Almost 60 percent opposed to vaccine passports for restaurant dining Additional 55 percent are against requiring proof to go to work and 56 percent said they were against requiring proof for staying in a hotel.

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