General Flynn Denies Endorsing Myanmar-Style Coup in America

Former President Donald Trump’s former national security advisor, Michael Flynn, denied accusations that he called for a military-style coup in the U.S., accusing the media of “twisted reporting” of his comments, Newsweek reports.

Flynn,, retired U.S. Army lieutenant general and unwavering supporter of Trump, posted on his Telegram channel on Monday, sending clear message that there is no reason whatsoever for any coup in America and denied he has ever called for any action of that sort. He allegedly suggested that in the remarks he made at a recent conference in Dallas, which he claims were intentionally misconstrued by the media.

In the short clip filmed over the weekend and widely shared on Monday, Flynn was asked by a supporter at an event in Dallas on Sunday – attended by prominent peddlers of the QAnon conspiracy theory and the Big Lie- why what happened in Myanmar can’t happen here, to which Flynn responded that there’s no reason.

In support of the media narrative, QAnon and online forums supporting Trump applauded deadly military coup in Myanmar and suggested that the same should happen in the U.S. so Trump could be reinstated as President. Myanmar coup is popular since the military justified its violent takeover in late January with unproven claims of “election fraud.”

The footage provoked an angry backlash from Flynn’s liberal critics who accused him of endorsing a military coup, with retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey being one of them.

He said, talking on MSNBC, that his kind of completely irresponsible, provocative language is harmful and putting the country at risk, predicting  the DOJ was going to be hard-pressed not to consider whether this language is criminal in nature.

Rep. Liz Cheney also took to Twitter to fire back to Flynn’s comments, saying that no American should advocate or support the violent overthrow of the UN.

Flynn rejected the notion on Telegram and Parler firing back at the media for a boldface fabrication based on twisting reporting at a lively panel at a conference of Patriotic Americans who love this country. He shared a similar message in his defense too.

Flynn and his former attorney Sidney Powell, who blasted the reports as fake news taken out of context and grossly magnified to the point of distortion, have been banned from Twitter as part of a crackdown targeting proponents of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

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