KFF Poll Shows Number of Americans Planning to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine is Dwindling

The number of unvaccinated Americans showing eagerness to get the COVID-19 jab as soon as possible is dwindling, The Hill writes quoting poll results released Friday.

The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) Vaccine Monitor determined that only 4 percent of unvaccinated people say they will get vaccinated at soon as possible, showing a drop from 9 percent in April, while 62 percent of respondents reported getting their COVID-19 shot, compared to 56 percent in April,  showing improvement since April’s survey.

The KFF Vaccine Monitor surveyed 1,526 adults between May 18 and 25 and had a margin of error of 3 percentage points.

Around 12 percent of respondents will “wait and see” how the vaccine works before getting inoculated with one third of them – 4 percent of all adults – expecting to get their jab within the next three months.

Another 7 percent said they’ll only get the jab if their work, school or activities require it while 21 percent of employed, unvaccinated adults said they’d be more likely to get vaccinated if they get paid time off work to get vaccinated and recover. 

A total of 13 percent said they would definitely not get their vaccine, but 32 percent of the respondents, including 44 percent who plan to wait and see, are more likely to get vaccinated if the FDA issues its full approval for the vaccines.

Currently, the FDA has given emergency authorization for adults to get the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines and for those 12 and older to get the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

The poll results came after President Biden set a goal of inoculating 70 percent of U.S. adults by the Fourth of July with at least one shot of the vaccine.

Our World in Data survey shows the before dropping to the current rate of about 1.7 million per day, the U.S. in mid-April administered about 3 million vaccinations per day. KFF Vaccine Monitor found vaccinations had reached a plateau last month. 

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