Biden Administration Owes Texas Hospital $200K for Treatment of Immigrant Kids

Texas’ Midland Memorial Hospital is left with unpaid bill of $200,000 that Biden administration still owes as reimbursement for treatment of children who crossed the US-Mexico border illegally, New York Post writes.

According to the hospital’s spokesperson Tasa Richardson, the hospital has treated 40 illegal immigrant minors since March, when HHS opened an emergency intake facility, but not one of submitted claims worth $206,287 have been processed.

Congressman August Pfluger, whose district includes Midland, said Thursday morning that Midland’s hospital system should not have to shoulder the costs of the Biden border crisis.

Pfluger informed that 40 illegal immigrant minors from the Midland HHS facility have been treated at Midland Memorial Hospital for a barrage of issues, racking up charges in excess of $200,000 and President Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services has not processed a single claim to pay back Midland Memorial.

He claimed earlier this month that the White House set up the facility essentially overnight though Midland facility absolutely does not meet safety requirements for young children with most of the Red Cross volunteers staffing the facility not speaking Spanish, despite the majority of children treated there are from Central America.

Neither the White House nor HHS commented on the issue.

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