Saudi Arabia to Announce Hajj 2021 Details, Could Allow up to 60,000 Pilgrims

Saudi Arabia’s authorities have announced that in the next few days they will release detailed information about the organization of this year’s pilgrimages of Hajj and Umrah.

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah is working on a plan for this year’s pilgrimages to Mecca and Medina, which during the COVID-19 pandemic last year were organized only for believers from Saudi Arabia, and there was a limited number of overseas pilgrims.

According to Saudi media, around 60,000 believers will be able to perform the hajj this year, but this is yet to be confirmed by Saudi authorities

On May 9, the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah announced that this year’s pilgrimage of Hajj will be organized under special epidemiological protection measures, but did not reveal more details.

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