Governors Did Not Get Officially Notified of Biden’s New Mask Policy

Pete Ricketts, who is the Governor of Nebraska claimed that he did not get an official notification about the President Joe Biden’s new mask policy, which states that all vaccinated US citizens can stop wearing masks outside, Fox News informed.

Ricketts found out about the new policy through news outlet and not as he expected from the Biden administration or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Ricketts mentioned that the situation with the new mask policy reminded him of the CDC’s abrupt decision to halt vaccination with Johnson & Johnson after it was found that this particular vaccine may created blood clots in small number of recipients.

The Nebraska governor stated that he is concerned about the lack of communication standards by the Biden administration and CDC especially on topics that are high important for them in order to make crucial decisions in their states.

Chris Sununu, the Republican Governor of New Hampshire, confirmed as well that he found out about the new policy from the media.

For Fox News, Sununu stated that the visible confusion in the businesses and schools in the country proves that there is a highly inconsistent communication between the official channels of entities around the country and President Biden’s administration. He also added that New Hampshire updated their mask policy a week earlier giving businesses higher flexibility of how they should implement that latest CDC policy.

The new CDC guidelines arrive more than a year after its first order that US citizens should wear masks everywhere and keep social distance. The new policy was also met with scorn by a number of mask proponents who state that this type of policies should be solely based on science.

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