Biden Halts Trump’s Plan for National Garden of American Heroes

President Joe Biden halted a plan initiated by the former President Donald J. Trump, that covers the creation of a National Garden of American Heroes, Fox News reports.

The president abolished a number of Trump executive orders aimed at building a park that would pay tribute to historical figures, Americans from politics and entertainment etc, Politico says in a report.

The plan which was revealed by former President last July at South Dakota’s Mount Rushmore, was intended to serve as an answer to all those crowds that vandalized statues of famous figures from the US history.

States of George Washington, Christopher Columbus and many other historical figures were being ousted, broken or covered in paint as some of the press coverage photos showed.

Accordinf to Politico, Trump’s executive orders argued that these statues should not be demolished by some ideology-driven people who follow certain passions, because their value is extraordinary for past, present and generations to come.

Trump’s order gave directives to the Justice Department to move forward with prosecution of people who are accused of discarding and vandalizing statues.

Joe Biden’s attempts to revers these order started as soon as he was elected in January.

After assuming presidential post, Biden signed 17 orders and actions, most of them to reverse numerous Trump orders and reinstating former President Barack Obama’s actions.

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