Navajos Call Arizona’s Voting Restrictions ‘Assault on Our Rights’

After Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) this month signed into law several bills designed to, as GOP claim, to strengthen the integrity of future elections, Native American tribes were first to emphasize it will complicate things for their voters.

But, as The Hill writes, Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez go as far to say that new voting restrictions are an “assault on the tribe’s voting rights.”

“This is an assault to the election process for people of color throughout this country. Here in Arizona, it’s pushing back on the voters of tribal communities, and we came out in big numbers to vote our candidate of choice, which is President Biden,” Nez told The Associated Press.

Tribes claim measures will stronlgy affect communities of color, tribal members who have to drive long distances to cast a ballot and voters who speak limited or no English.

New measures target the length of time voters have to fix signature problems on mailed ballots and require periodic purging of a list of voters who automatically receive mailed ballots, but also turns state’s permanent early voting list into an active early voting list so voters would be removed from the list after they don’t participate in two prior general election cycles.

Arizona is one of several Republican-led states that are aggressively pushing election reform measures, primarily around early and absentee voting.

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