Virginia Republican Governor Nominee Claims Biden was Legitimately Elected

In a shift of opinion and after putting restoring of faith in election integrity a focal point of his campaign, Virginia GOP gubernatorial nominee Glen Youngkin says President Biden was “legitimately” elected, The Hill writes.

“I have said before that Joe Biden was legitimately elected our president. I mean, he took the oath. He’s sleeping in the White House. He’s unfortunately signing executive order after executive order,” Youngkin said in an interview on Fox Busines, offering his strongest remarks yet that Biden was elected without any irregularities.

The remarks come days after Youngkin days after winning both the nomination and Trump’s endorsement by endearing himself to a Republican electorate that is still broadly supportive of Trump.

Several other GOP contenders had also declined to say Biden’s win was legitimate. Once a conservative bastion, Virginia has increasingly become a Democratic haven. The party controls all levers of state government and Biden won Virginia by more than 10 points.

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