Meena Harris: Those Who Remain Neutral on Israel-Gaza Topic Are in Line with the Oppressor

kamala harris

Meena Harris, niece of the US Vice President Kamala Harris, gave a more strong opinion about the ongoing unrest in Israel-Gaza than the one of her aunt, claiming that people should condemn Palestinian oppression conducted by Israel, Fox News informed.

In an Instagram post, the 36-year-old businesswoman and lawyer wrote that neutrality in times of injustice, are only helping the oppressor’s side and that she stands in support of Sheikh Jarrah residents.

Sheikh Jarrah is located in East Jerusalem and currently six Palestinian families are faced with eviction so that Jewish families can settle down in their place. This situation sparked violent protests on the streets. The government in israel stated that this is no more than a real estate dispute used by Hamas with the intention to spark tensions. However, some Palestinians claim that the government of Israel is making an attempt to evict them out of Jerusalem.

Harris’s post stated that people cannot stand in support of racial equality, LGBT & women’s rights, abusive and corrupted regimes while choosing not to react on the Palestinian oppression.

On the other hand, Hamas, the terror group in charge of Gaza, is not a real champion in supporting LGBT rights. Identifying with this culture, is punishable with 10 years in prison, and Hamas even killed one of its fighters for this kind of behavior.

In another post Harris also used the term ‘apartheid state’ to describe Israel.

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