Colonial Pipeline Resumes Limited Shipments, Sees Service Mostly Restored by End of Week

After last week’s cyber attack, the Colonial Pipeline once again started its operations on Monday. The first delivery was from North Carolina to a Maryland terminal, in a move to smoothly restart the process of the main pipeline in Houston refineries, Politico learns.

The Colonial Pipeline stated that its goal is to fully restore service until the end of the week.

According to Colonial, the current operations team is working on a plan that contains several phases in what appears to be an thorough process for smooth service return.

The plan incorporates several factors that will be beneficial on the long run and also contains of safety regulations and compliance with the sole purpose of getting back on track within a short time frame.

However, the bad news is that even if the pipeline restores its operations by the end of the week, the time frame might not be enough to fully stop the shortages that are occurring in the US.

The news that emerged on Monday for the pipeline planned restoration of processes, might have prevented the wholesale prices of skyrocketing, but nevertheless energy markets are still on edge due to the cyberattack on a crucial infrastructure.

The statement of the company did not reveal which fuel is being shipped to Maryland, but it pointed out that main lines near Houston all the way to North Carolina are still closed.

The pipeline will remain inoperable until the ransomware that caused the IT systems to crush last week was completely eliminated.

The FBI stated that DarkSide, the ransomware gang behind the cyberattack of the Colonial Pipeline network, is from Russia.

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