Biden to Sign Coronavirus Relief Bill on his 50th Day of Presidency

Wednesday is the 50th day mark of President Biden’s presidency, and he is on the verge of his first big legislative accomplishment as the House moves to pass his $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill, informed The Hill.

The first 100 days in the office seems to be going well for Biden, as he appears to be on the way of checking off key goals, like unraveling key policies of his predecessor by way of executive action. Securing tens of millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses and setting the major school systems for returning to in-person learning next month, are some of the successes in Bidens presidency.

“He has done exactly what he promised that he’d do, and in most cases, done it faster and better than expected,” said the executive vice president Matt Bennett, for the centrist Democratic think tank Third Way.

The first 50 days of the newly elected president were consumed by the coronavirus pandemic and the economic fallout it caused. Biden may sign the coronavirus relief package on Wednesday, as the House is ready to pass it on the 50th day of his presidency. The administration is hoping that by the end of the month, many Americans will receive their stimulus checks.

“Whenever you involve Congress, there is going to be negotiation, there’s going to be change. But he’s getting a package through that is exactly like he promised,” Bennett said.

Is expected that Biden will announce plans for securing an additional 100 million vaccine doses from Johnson & Johnson’s coronavirus vaccine. According to a White House official, on Wednesday Biden will host a meeting with company leaders from Johnson & Johnson and Merck, so he can fasten the process for delivering the single-dose coronavirus vaccine and recognize the collaboration between the two competitors.

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