Virginia Official Proposes Street Named After Donald Trump, Town Council Disagrees

Donald Trump may already have numerous buildings bearing his name, but now that he has left office a Virginia official thought that a street should be named after him too, Newsweek writes.

Once they depart from the White House, former presidents can typically expect to see their names adorn municipal facilities like libraries and schools, and Front Royal Councilman Scott Lloyd wanted to get the ball rolling.

During a meeting on Tuesday of the Front Royal Town Council ahead of President Joe Biden’s inauguration, he proposed rebadging a street “Donald Trump Avenue” in recognition of the man who people in Warren County had overwhelmingly backed over Joe Biden in the election by a factor of two to one.

“Honoring people who have had a rough few months but feel overall that they were part of something positive and that the Trump presidency was something positive that we can look back on,” Lloyd told NBC Washington.

Lloyd had worked under the Trump administration in the Department of Health and Human Services as the director of the Office of Refugee Settlement and won a council seat in the November town election.

Lloyd told the meeting that Trump had received “67 percent of the vote” in the county which was “a super-majority,” adding that, “if it were Congress, would be enough to change the Constitution,” the Northern Virginia Daily reported.

“And of course there (are) many aspects of his tenure that are historical,” he said.

However, the town mayor, Christopher W. Holloway, said in a statement that his council had no immediate plans to rename any streets after the former president.

“Councilman Lloyd is open to share his views; however, the majority of Council, especially me, do not support naming a street after President Trump,” Holloway said, according to the Northern Virginia Daily, “nor do we consider bringing it up in the future.” Lloyd and a fellow councilman will revisit the topic on February 1 after they put the proposal on a work session agenda. Newsweek has contacted the Front Royal Town Council for comment.

It comes a amid a move among some city leaders to drop Trump’s name from buildings, following a backlash after some of his supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

His home city of New York announced on Wednesday that it would be terminating its contracts with the Trump Organization in deals which include two skating rinks and a carousel in Central Park and a golf course in the Bronx.

Politicians in Chicago are also looking to remove the former president’s name from the building and hotel, which is owned by the Trump Organization.

The names of former White House occupants adorn streets across the country with the most popular being George Washington. Among homes located on presidential streets, 12.2 percent are on a street or road named after the first president, ABC News reported in 2014, citing online real estate marketplace Zillow.

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