China Denies Involvement in Cyberattacks

According to The Hill, an official from The Foreign Ministry of China denied President Trump’s statement for the involvement of Chinese hackers in the latest cyberattack that struck several U.S government agencies.

The Attorney General William Barr and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo both stated that they suspect Russia to be behind the attack, as Russia is held responsible for some previous cyberattacks. On the other hand, Trump gave a statement on Saturday in which he blamed China. 

According to The Associated Press, on a press conference Monday, Wang Wenbin told reporters that Trump’s accusations were “false information” with no evidence to support them, and said that the U.S. should be more “responsible” regarding cybersecurity issues.

“The United States has politicized the issue of cybersecurity without conclusive evidence and continuously spread false information and thrown mud on China in an attempt to tarnish China’s image,” he said. “We hope the United States will take a more responsible attitude on cybersecurity,” added Wang.

The U.S. Commerce Department, Treasury, and other government agencies systems were breached in the hack, with the President undervaluing the severity of the attack while pointing the finger to China.

United States intelligence officials discovered that Russia had involvement in the 2016 election to hurt the campaign of Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton. Trump has been criticized since, by Democrats and even by some Republicans for not pressing charges against Moscow regarding this issue.

Such assertions were seen by Trump as his presidential election victory in 2016 was questioned.

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