Man Arrested at Trump Rally in Maine Carrying Knife and Wooden Baton

A man wielding a knife and wooden baton was arrested at a campaign rally for President Donald Trump in Maine Wednesday where South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem appeared, Fox News informed. 

Peter Beitzell, 58, allegedly harassed attendees while holding the weapons at a campaign in Bangor, Maine. 

The South Dakota governor “was not in harm’s way” at any point, according to ABC News. Her security detail engaged the man at one point. 

Beitzell eventually returned to his car and put his weapons away. He was charged with criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon and disorderly conduct, and posted $200 bail. 

Beitzell, who doesn’t like Trump, said things heated up when he flipped off a Trump bus driving by. 

He said he displayed weapons when he felt threatened by three men who were approaching him. 

“Yes, I was an idiot,” Beitzell said. “I was a dummy who pulled a weapon, but there were three of them marching over toward me,” he added.

Noem is stumping for Trump in the Northeast, with stops in Maine and New Hampshire.

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