South Carolina Shooting into GOP Building Sets off Party Squabbling

Someone shot at a Republican Party building in South Carolina earlier this week – prompting the chairmen of both major parties in the state to trade barbs in local media and on Twitter, Fox News informed.

Meanwhile, no suspect was immediately identified and deputies weren’t sure if the GOP office was the intended target, according to local reports.

“A bullet was shot into our Lancaster County office on Sunday evening,” the state GOP announced in a tweet Tuesday. “Luckily no one was hurt…But the violence of the mob is spreading, and the Left is letting it happen.”

Investigators found a .40-caliber bullet inside the office building, along with a bullet hole through the lower portion of a front window, the Lancaster News reported.

And McKissick’s Democratic counterpart, Trav Robertson, implied in a separate tweet that the GOP might have “paid somebody to shoot out their windows” as a campaign tactic.

The Democrat claimed that the original report in the Lancaster News had not involved an effort to contact his office for comment on the story, according to the Columbia-based newspaper, The State. So he purportedly fired off a string of tweets in response to what he called “very biased accusations.”

“We are so far past the line of what’s accepted that instead of condemning what happened, Trav suggested that we are evil masterminds, orchestrating shootings on our own office,” McKissick claimed in an email to local media. “Since he didn’t condemn what happened, he is by default condoning it.”

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