Attorney General Barr Bashes Democrats in Recent Interview

U.S. Attorney General William Barr had a Sunday interview in which he attacked the Democratic Party as he said that they are tearing down the system.

He also said that he is worried that the increase in mail-in voting could lead to a contested presidential election later this year and added that the Democratic party had pulled away from their classic liberal value and now they try to destroy the institutions upon which the U.S. was built.

‘’They are not interested in compromise, they are not interested in a dialectic exchange of views. They are interested in total victory. It’s a secular religion. It’s a substitute for religion,” Barr stated.

Barr has come under fire from Democratic lawmakers for sending federal officers to disperse protesters in Portland, Oregon, where some demonstrators have attacked a federal courthouse and others have gathered to speak out against racism and police brutality following the May 25 death of George Floyd, according to Reuters.

On this, Barr said that the police have been unfairly maligned and targeted with violent attacks during the riots.

He also said that he believes that systemic racism exists, but the best example was in education, with public school consistently falling inner-city youth.

“I believe Black lives matter, but I believe all Black lives matter. I also believe that it is not just a matter of protecting their safety from physical harm, it is also providing economic opportunity, which this administration has done,’’ said Barr.

In early July, President Donald Trump issued a statement in which he said that he thinks that the November elections need to be postponed because of the pandemic and because the way of voting (by mail), may lead to widespread fraud.

On this, Barr said that it is okay that some people vote by mail if they can not make it to the ballots, but not the whole country.

“But the idea that you, without any request from the voter, will mail out your voting list, all these thousands and thousands of ballots, is scary because most of those mailings go to a lot of addresses where the people no longer live. They could easily create a situation where there is going to be a contested election,’’ said Barr.

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