Dem Representative Says Philadelphia Office Was Looted during Protests

Rep. Brendan Boyle, D-Pa., tweeted Monday night that looters broke into one of his local offices as demonstrators continued to take to the streets in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd by the police, Fox News informed.

Boyle represents Pennsylvania‘s Second District, which includes part of Philadelphia. The city was one of several in the U.S. that fell victim to violence and looting over the weekend.

“Just learned one of my district offices has been broken into and is currently being looted. We have notified the authorities,” Boyle tweeted Sunday night.

The congressman then appeared to make light of the situation, noting that he would have no problem if the looters just wanted voter registration forms.

“If those who are currently breaking into and looting my office really want our voter registration forms because they’re in such high demand, then I would be totally cool with that,” he said.

It is unclear which of Boyle’s district offices was the target, but all of them are located in Philadelphia, which was placed under a 6 p.m. curfew Sunday evening. Boyle tweeted about the alleged break-in hours after the curfew went into effect.

Earlier in the day, several local businesses including a Target were ransacked by looters smashing windows and doors and stealing merchandise. Other rioters set fire to structures and vandalized police cars.

In the evening, dozens of residents banded together in a show of solidarity to protect another Target from looters.

Despite the curfew and urging from law enforcement officers to go home, members from an activist group “Stand Up Philly” negotiated with police to stay and continue to guard the store, according to reports by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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