Crowds, Police Clash in NYC, Atlanta, LA, as George Floyd Murder Shakes Nation

Image: Fox9

Protests around the killing of George Floyd intensified and continued to spread across the country on Friday, with curfews being issued in Minnesota after several demonstrations turned violent, Newsweek reports.

An 8 p.m. curfew was put in effect in anticipation of further violent protests in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where Floyd died Monday. A video circulated after his death appearing to show Floyd pinned to the ground by police who ignored his pleas for help. Curfews were also in place in St. Paul and neighboring suburbs, while the National Guard was also deployed in an attempt to control crowds. Protesters continued to march through the city despite the measures, although more dramatic scenes emerged in other locations throughout the country.

In Atlanta, Georgia, protesters broke windows and sprayed graffiti on the walls of CNN’s headquarters during a protest on Friday night. Vandals also reportedly targeted police cars, breaking windows and setting some of the cars on fire. Police deployed SWAT teams and used tear gas and rubber bullets to control the crowd. At least seven people were arrested, according to CNN.

Authorities in Charlotte, North Carolina said a protest there resulted in “several arrests for property damage.” Police also denied using any “chemical agents” on the crowd in a twitter post, despite multiple videos on the social media platform appearing to show officers dispersing some type of gas.

A protest in New York City’s Brooklyn borough was said to be peaceful at first before turning violent, with some demonstrators reportedly throwing bricks while police used pepper spray and physically tackled some of the crowd. Protests were also reported in several other areas of the city. On Thursday night, over 70 people were arrested after a demonstration erupted into chaos in Manhattan’s Union Square.

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