Bloomberg With Multiple Opportunities to Qualify for Wednesday’s Debate

Michael Bloomberg is on the verge of qualifying for his first Democratic primary debate — a development that could change the 2020 race in dramatic fashion, CNN informed. To date, Bloomberg has eschewed most TV interview requests and has sidestepped the debate process since he hasn’t qualified for any of them.

Due to a change in the qualification rules, removing the requirement for individual donors, he is eligible for Wednesday’s NBC/MSNBC/Nevada Independent debate — but he needs to top 10% in one more state or national poll. The deadline is Tuesday night, and he has multiple chances to qualify, according to my sources.

NPR, PBS NewsHour and Marist will release a poll at 5am Tuesday, an NPR spokeswoman confirmed Monday night.

NBC News and its polling partner, the WSJ, are also in the field with a poll, and the results will be released later in the day on Tuesday, two sources said.

The NYT’s Michael Grynbaum has a big new story about the discomfort at Bloomberg News about the news outlet’s owner running for president.

Two months after editor-in-chief John Micklethwait said his reporters would “refrain” from investigating Bloomberg or Democratic rivals, “the pressure and unease inside Bloomberg News have only increased,” Grynbaum wrote. “Journalists who hoped Mr. Bloomberg’s candidacy would prove short-lived have watched him vault to the upper tier of the Democratic race. Now there are discussions about what a President Bloomberg could mean for a news organization already grappling with a perceived conflict of interest.”

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