Justice Roberts Should Resolve Witness Disputes, Schiff Argues

Chief Justice John Roberts should be called upon to resolve witness disputes for the impeachment trial of President Trump, said Democratic Representative Adam Schiff.

The House Intelligence Committee Chairman’s comments are coming amid the Senate’s efforts to make-or-break next week’s voting on the admissibility of new witnesses and documents for the Senate trial, The Hill reports.

Republicans have warned that efforts to subpoena testimony would likely draw an assertion of executive privilege by the President, triggering a protracted court battle.

But Schiff argued Friday that the Senate could bypass extended litigation by calling on Roberts, who is presiding over the trial, to rule on the issue.

“To the degree that there was a dispute over whether a privilege applied, we have a perfectly good judge sitting behind me, empowered by the rules of this body to resolve those disputes,” Schiff said as House managers’ three-day presentation came to a close.

The Constitution appoints the chief justice to preside over presidential impeachment trials in the Senate.

The rules that govern the arrangement between the Senate and Roberts say the presiding officer “may rule” on all questions of evidence.

However, a single senator can appeal the ruling. That would trigger a vote in the Senate, where a simple majority would overturn Roberts.

In a moment of levity, Schiff encouraged senators to imagine that scenario playing out.

“How often do you get the chance to overrule a chief justice of the Supreme Court?” Schiff said, prompting laughter. “You have to admit, it’s every legislator’s dream.”

Legal experts say prior Supreme Court decisions would offer scant guidance on resolving an assertion by Trump of executive privilege, the legal doctrine that shields certain presidential communications.

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