Texas Troopers Inflict 16 Fatal Wounds on Black Man, Jury Decides Not to Indict

A black man was fatally shot by Texas state troopers 16 times, with the autopsy report saying the man, Schaston Hodge, was shot in the torso, head, and thighs. 

According to The Dallas Morning News, Hodge was killed in August in an incident involving the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) troopers, Joshua Engleman and Robert Litvin, who was patrolling South Dallas. 

Engleman and Litvin, who are white, were put on paid leave after the shooting and that it is not clear whether they are working again. 

DPS spokesperson Lt. Lonny Haschel told the Morning News that an investigation was conducted by the Dallas County District Attorney’s office and that a grand jury decided not to indict.  

“The entire incident, captured on video, was presented to a Dallas County Grand Jury and returned a No Bill,” Haschel told the paper in an email. 

The News reported that the autopsy report also said that Hodge had alcohol and marijuana in his system.

Shandra Brackens-Hodge, Hodge’s mother, criticized the troopers in a statement. 

“They killed my son like he was an animal. They shot my son 16 times, they almost blew his head off,” she said, according to the newspaper.

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