Taliban Breach Walls at Bagram Airfield Days After Peace Talks Restart

Several Taliban militants breached the walls of Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan, following a targeted attack which the Pentagon said was a suicide bomb, Newsweek has learned.

The attack comes as talks resumed this weekend between the United States and Taliban negotiators some three months after President Donald Trump abruptly canceled a secret meeting at Camp David to broker a deal to end America’s longest war.

A senior Defense Department official confirmed to Newsweek that the American military base in Afghanistan had been attacked by a suicide bombing but was unable to provide any further details.

The Associated Press first reported the news late Tuesday evening that an American convoy had been targeted. It was not immediately clear if a U.S. military convoy was involved.

General Mahfooz Walizada, the police commander of northern Parwan province where the attack occurred, told the Associated Press that the explosion destroyed several homes.

“Enemy Forces conducted an attack on Bagram airfield this morning, targeting a medical facility being constructed to help the Afghan people who live near the base. The attack was quickly contained and repelled by our Afghan National Defense Security Forces and Coalition partners, but the future medical facility was badly damaged. There were no U.S. or Coalition casualties and Bagram remained secure throughout the attack,” a Resolute Support spokesman told Newsweek.

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