Biden Urges for Strict Gun Laws: ‘ We Must Protect Our Children’

Biden slammed the present laws on gun safety, after the latest shooting in California, The Hill reported citing the Los Angeles Times.

Some 40 miles from where the former Vice President was campaigning, a fire was opened by a 16-year-old at Saugus High School, leaving two students dead and three wounded.

“You parents and grandparents, you send off children — 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 years old — and the first thing they learn is how to duck and cover,” Biden said to his supporters. “I’m so tired about people talking about your prayers. Damn it, we have to protect these kids. We have to do it now.”

The Delaware senator did not fail to mention how he succeeded against the gun lobby, telling his supporters, “I’m the only one running who’s ever passed anything really big.”

Biden’s rally, which was held at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College, was his first in California since he joined the Democratic primary race in April.

According to RCP’s average of polls, the former vice president is still leading the pack, polling at 26 percent, while Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is second with 20.8 percent.

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