GOP: Sessions May Make a Comeback in Senate

Republican senators are forecasting the return of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, suggesting he could win his seat in Alabama.

Before joining the Trump administration, Jeff Sessions served the Senate for decades, and he is now considering jumping into the 2020 primary race with the goal of challenging Democratic Senator Doug Jones.

According to The Hill, Sessions is still extremely popular in Alabama; however, his bid for Senate would highlight his ‘corrosive relationship’ with the President, who fired him last year.

Still, Republican senators are hopeful to win back a seat in the Senate from Democrats, putting their faith into Sessions who they believe would make a fierce candidate with a proven ability to win statewide elections.

Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) said on Wednesday he would endorse Sessions if the former attorney general declares his candidacy. Sessions has been publicly tightlipped about his plans, but Shelby said “a lot of indications point to him running.”

“He’s got to win it on the battlefield … but if he runs, all indications are that he would win,” Shelby said.

Pressed on why he thinks Sessions would be a viable contender given Trump’s high-profile criticism, Shelby added that Sessions has “got a lot of goodwill down there.”

 “He’s been very popular in the state for a long time,” Shelby added.

Sessions has until next week to make a decision. The state’s filing deadline for the 2020 election is Nov. 8.

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