Former Kentucky GOP Candidate for Governor Endorses Democrat against Republican Incumbent

A former Republican candidate for Kentucky governor has given his support for incumbent Gov. Matt Bevin’s Democratic rival, Fox News informed.

William Woods revealed that he will endorse Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear in a video posted Monday on Twitter.

“This election isn’t about politics to me, It’s about doing the right thing,” Woods said. “I’m ready for a governor who will respect all of us, regardless of political affiliation.”

Woods was on the third place in May’s gubernatorial primary with just over 14,000 votes, compared to 136,000 votes for Bevin.

In the message on Twitter, Woods mentions Beshear’s support for public schools and law enforcement. The reference to schools refers to last year’s tensions between teachers and state Republican lawmakers over several education bills.

At that time, teachers would not appear on their workplaces in protest against changes to the management of their pension system, forcing some school districts to shut the doors for students several times.

Bevin criticized the “sickouts” and state educators, saying they left “students in the lurch.”

In a statement to Fox News, Bevin’s campaign manager, Davis Paine, said the governor is “proud to have the support of real Kentucky leaders on both sides of the aisle, Republicans and Democrats.”

“It’s not news that Andy Beshear has earned the support of an unknown anti-Trump liberal,” Paine stated.

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