Trump Supporters Torment Elizabeth Warren in Nevada: ‘Don’t impeach!’ ‘Go home!’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-MA., was faced with a small group of Donald Trump supporters who followed her through Reno-Tahoe International Airport on Wednesday, with shouts of “Don’t impeach!” and “Go home!”, Fox News informed.

A Twitter video shared by the Nevada Republican Party shows the group following Warren through the terminal where she was hurried into a waiting van.

Warren did not make any contact with the protesters as they held up signs and continued to shout at her.

“Welcome to Reno @ewarren! This is @teamtrump country!!” Nevada Republican Party state Chairman Michael J. McDonald wrote in a separate tweet.

Warren addressed the much friendlier crowd in Carson City on Wednesday evening, but one Trump supporter holding a “Keep America Great” sign interrupted her speech, which was a trigger for her backers who started chanting “Lock him up!”

“There’s a lot we need to do,” Warren said to the crowd, according to New York Times reporter Thomas Kaplan, who tweeted the video. “And I understand, I understand that Donald Trump and his supporters are getting really nervous, and they have a good reason to be.”

Warren’s support among the fellow Democrats is on the increase in the recent weeks, and the candidate passed Joe Biden by four points according to a new national survey.

Warren was also a guest at a gun safety forum in Las Vegas, where she also addressed the crowd.

Joe Biden also went to Nevada on Wednesday, where he held a speech in Reno, attacking the President for his alleged “abuse of power.”

“He did it because — like every bully in history — he’s afraid. He’s afraid of just how badly I would beat him next November,” Biden said of Trump asking Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate him.

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