Poll Shows Majority of Americans Support Impeachment Inquiry

A CBS News poll released on Sunday showed that the majority of respondents believe the impeachment inquiry that Congress opened into President Donald Trump was necessary, although they cannot agree on how his actions are to be assessed.

The portion of Democrats who support the impeachment inquiry was considerably higher, as expected. While Democrats say President Trump’s Ukraine matters were illegal, Republicans say his actions were proper, or at least legal. They say that past presidents as well did the same.

However, the majority of Americans share the belief that Congress may get too caught up in the impeachment inquiry and neglect work on other issues, CBS News writes. Most of those who hold such a view are the same who disapprove of the impeachment inquiry, although a third of Democrats share the same view.     

Nearly 90 percent of Democrats approve of the inquiry, and two-thirds strongly approve. Fears that the impeachment inquiry would divide Democrats were proven to be unfounded as most moderate Democrats sided with liberals in backing impeachment proceedings.

Regarding Trump’s handling of the Ukraine matter, about one-third of Americans say his actions may have been improper, but legal. Twenty-eight percent say they were both proper and legal and 41 percent, most of which were Democrats, that they were illegal.

As for whether President Trump should be impeached, there are divided opinions, with four in ten saying he deserves to be, a little less (36%) saying that he doesn’t and a little under a quarter feel it’s too soon to say.   

Moreover, the majority of Republicans believe that the President’s goal was to protect U.S. interests and stop corruption, with over 70 percent saying that his dealings with Ukraine are typical of what most past presidents have probably done in dealing with foreign countries.

That is almost 6 in 10 thinks that the impeachment inquiry into Trump was unnecessary and another 34 percent waiting to see the outcome. Just 7 percent believe he may have done something wrong.

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