Elizabeth Warren to Expand Presidential Campaign

senator warren
Senator Elizabeth Warren

Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren revealed that she was expanding her presidency campaign because she was enjoying the rise in statewide and national polls.

Heading into the fall, Warren said she plans to roll out an “eight-figure” ad push in early primary states and to build on organizing efforts in later-voting states like Minnesota, Maine and California, according to an email sent to supporters Tuesday morning, The Washington Post reported.

“Remember: this election is about more than just beating Donald Trump — he’s just the worst symptom of a corrupt system,” campaign manager Roger Lau wrote. “If we want to make big, structural change, we need to make sure Democrats control the U.S. House and Senate and win important gubernatorial and state legislative races across the country.” 

The Warren campaign, which already has beefy staffs across the country, said it will expand in Illinois and California, where Democrats flipped House seats in the 2018 midterms, and Georgia and Maine, which will have a combined three competitive Senate races in 2020. It is also hiring up in Michigan and Minnesota to help make gains in state legislatures and in Texas and Florida, two states Democrats hope to flip in the 2020 general election, according to The Hill.

Beyond increasing its physical presence in certain states, the campaign hopes to expand its volunteers’ reach with a canvassing app to help facilitate conversations with voters. 

“This is how we dream big, fight hard, and win. We’ve got a plan to make sure Elizabeth is the next president of the United States. And when she’s in the Oval Office — when our plans go from big ideas to reality with the help of this grassroots movement — I want you to know that you helped make it happen,” Lau told supporters. 

The latest expenditures suggest Warren’s surge in the polls is being accompanied by a fundraising bump. After a sluggish start, Warren raised over $19.1 million in the second quarter of the year.

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