Hundreds of Flights Canceled Due to Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian has moved northward, prompting Florida airports to cancel hundreds of inbound and outbound flights.

Nearly 1,200 flights scheduled to start or end in Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale or Palm Beach were canceled Tuesday while Orlando International Airport remains closed, its website said.

Over 300 Florida flights were likewise canceled for Wednesday as the hurricane moves along the state’s eastern coastline. After hitting the Bahamas over the weekend, the storm, now classified as a Category 2, is expected to move toward the Carolinas in the coming days.

“The hurricane will … move dangerously close to the Florida east coast late today through Wednesday evening, very near the Georgia and South Carolina coasts Wednesday night and Thursday, and near or over the North Carolina coast late Thursday and Thursday night,” the National Hurricane Center said in a statement on Tuesday afternoon.

American Airlines said on Tuesday that a travel alert for over 20 airports has been issued, meaning that it will waive the fees to change flight plans for future travel.

“Due to the size, strength and location of the hurricane, we will experience a disruption to our operation throughout the week, specifically on flights that operate along the East Coast,” the airline said.

Delta Airlines likewise said it would offer waivers for airports along the Georgia coastline and in the Carolinas, while Spirit Airlines is offering travel waivers in Florida, Myrtle Beach and South Carolina.

The cancelations make up a huge portion of the total number of flights through some of the airports, over 80 percent at some airports.

Half of the flights through Fort Lauderdale International Airport and 81% of the flights leaving from Palm Beach International on Tuesday have been canceled so far, CNBC writes, citing FlightAware.

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