Elizabeth Warren Wins Support from Scarlet Johansson

Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson has shown her support for presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren because the Democratic senator “feels like someone who is thoughtful and progressive but realistic,” The Hill reported.

“It’s not like her campaign is making these crazy, outlandish promises that seem impossible to reach. There’s a strategy there,” the “Black Widow” star told The Hollywood Reporter.

Johansson added that she had heard from other Democrats that they believed it was “really early” to support a candidate in the crowded primary field.

“That kind of worries me because it doesn’t feel that early to me,” the actress said. “I’m like, ‘Really?’ It’s disconcerting that there’s not a clear candidate at this time.”

The actress vowed to be involved in the presidential election for whichever candidate wins the party’s nomination to challenge President Trump.

“If I can help with voter engagement, whether it’s doing some sort of PSA campaign or actively trying to involve people in the process of registering and voting,” Johnson said. “I really believe if people actually did vote, our government would look the way it’s supposed to, but people just don’t vote. It baffles me.”

In July, Johansson donated the maximum amount to Warren’s campaign. 

The vocal Democrat, who was given a key speaking role at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, indicated early support for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton before Clinton even launched her 2016 presidential campaign.

The Golden Globe nominee said back in 2013 that she wanted to back a woman.

“I think we could only benefit from having someone in office who has been a mother; women have a different perspective because of that maternal instinct,” Johansson said at the time.

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