Shooting in Philadelphia, Several Police Officers Injured, Suspect in Custody

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Police in Philadelphia responded to a shooting in the Nicetown-Tioga neighborhood where a few police officers, part of the narcotics division, were injured, Sergeant Eric Gripp said Wednesday via Twitter.

“Shooting incident 3700 N 15th Street. Suspect/(s) firing at police. Large police presence. AVOID AREA. Several PPD Officers have been injured,” he wrote.

The police officers were shot in the incident and their condition remains unknown for now, a federal law enforcement source said.

Gripp noted in his tweet that the “shooting situation” was active and ongoing, CNN reports.

Police Captain Sekou Kinebrew told CNN affiliate KYW that PPD officers were initially called to the scene for drug activity. Following the incident, there were over 50 police vehicles at the scene, helicopter video footage shows.

In the video, an armored vehicle could be seen approaching an area where many police officers were kneeling and crouching behind various cars with guns drawn.

ABC News reported Thursday that a single shooter was involved in the incident, who after wounding the police officers barricaded himself in a building with several hostages.

The suspect, 34-year-old Maurice Hill, finally surrendered about seven hours after the shooting began, somewhere at midnight.

Police said that all six officers who were shot were later released from area hospitals.

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