Musk Reveals Unbelievable Cost To Build Civilization On Mars

Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO and a powerful technology entrepreneur, lives and breathes his dreams to colonize Mars. He has already initiated his plans regarding the same with an interplanetary rocket and capsule that he plans on using to transport a large number of people and cargo to Mars with an ultimate goal of colonizing the planet. Despite many space experts stating that Musk’s Mars colonization is a pretty challenging plan, Musk begs to differ and recently revealed the cost of building civilization on Mars, Mashable reported.

A twitter user named Marstronauts asked Musk on Twitter regarding the estimate of the total cost it would take to develop a self-sustaining civilization on Mars. To which Musk replied with a figure, stating a range between $100B and $10T.

In a series of tweets that followed, another user named Alexandre J. Tourville, asked Musk about the exact estimate of sending 1,000,000 tons of cargo to Mars, to which Musk replied, “approx min payload to Mars to nearest order of magnitude, so at $100k/ton, cost would be $100B.”

Musk had earlier announced his plans of colonizing Mars where he said his plans include carrying 100 passengers and a cargo per voyage. He also intends to keep the overall price of the ticket down since nobody would be willing to volunteer for the plan if a ticket price per person is something exceedingly high like $10 billion person.

Musk had also tweeted earlier that he plans on colonizing Mars by 2050. In fact, Musk is so passionate about Mars colonization that he specifically founded SpaceX to achieve his colonization plan.

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