Trump Calls Iran Claim that it Arrested CIA Spies ‘Totally False’

Tensions between the United States and Iran got deeper ever since President Trump pulled out of the Obama-era nuclear deal.

Since Trump broke up the deal, Iran shot an unmanned U.S. spy drone, seized a British oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz, increased the enrichment of Uranium (for the first time after the nuclear deal was dismissed) and sharpened the rhetoric towards the U.S. and its allies while the Trump administration imposed sanctions on Iran and ordered the deployment of many troops in the region.

The Iranian government issued a statement that it detained 17 people who were accused of working as spies for the CIA, a statement that Trump denied on Monday, as he tweeted:

“The Report of Iran capturing CIA spies is totally false. Zero Truth. Just more lies and propaganda (like their shot down drone) put out by a Religious Regime that is Badly Failing and has no idea what to do. Their Economy is dead and will get much worse. Iran is a total mess!’’

The Intelligence Ministry of Iran sent a document to CNN in which they said that Iran had broken up a CIA spy ring, and that the 17 asserted individuals had confessed to working for the agency and that some of the 17 agents will be executed.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (who was CIA’s director just before he was named Secretary of State) talked on the subject on ‘’Fox & Friends’’ as he said:

“I would urge everyone who’s reading that story waking up to understand that the Iranian regime has a long history of lying. It’s part of the nature of the ayatollah to lie to the world. I would take with a significant grain of salt any Iranian assertion about actions that they’ve taken.’’

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