Steyer Urges Pelosi to Cancel Congress’s Recess

Billionaire activist and White House hopeful Tom Steyer urged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to call off the August recess of Congress, The Hill reported.

“President Trump is tearing our country apart. His trade wars are taxing American workers. His immigration policies are separating parents from their children. His crimes and corruption are threatening the rule of law. And his racist rhetoric is pitting Americans against each other,” Steyer said.

“The Constitution is very clear: Congress has oversight over the president. So what’s their response? They’re going on vacation for six weeks. Seriously? We’re in a crisis. That’s why I’m asking Speaker Pelosi to cancel summer vacation, and conduct daily public oversight hearings to hold Trump accountable for his crimes, corruption, and racism,” he added in his statement.

Pelosi’s office did not respond to Steyer’s request immediately.

Apart from Pelosi, Steyer urged other presidential hopefuls to come on board with him and call for the cancellation of the recess.

The House is scheduled to commence its annual August break at the end of this week to return on Sept. 9, while the Senate is set to begin its recess on Aug. 2 and return the same time as House lawmakers.

Steyer has made “reforming our broken political system” a key focus of his campaign.

Earlier this month he set out his reform plan that includes setting term limits for members of Congress and cracking down on the influence of money in politics.

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