Leaked Cables Allegedly Show Trump Left Iran Nuclear Deal to Spite Obama

Recently leaked diplomatic cables sent by former UK ambassador to the U.S. Kim Darroch show him saying that the Trump administration was “set upon an act of diplomatic vandalism” when it decided to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, a pact signed by former President Barack Obama.

Last week, it was also reported that Darroch had called President Donald Trump “incompetent” and “insecure,” causing backlash which led to the ambassador’s resignation.

The Daily Mail, which first reported Darroch’s comments, writes that he said in the leaked cables that “personal reasons” had prompted Trump to withdraw from the deal, as well as that his administration couldn’t come up with a “day-after” plan on how to address the issues stemming from the withdrawal from the nuclear deal.

CNN writes that the former ambassador announced his resignation two days after President Trump said the White House would not deal with him and amid refusal by Boris Johnson, the frontrunner for prime minister of Great Britain, to support Darroch.

Meanwhile, an investigation into the leak was opened by British police, amid widespread interest among the public to see “the person or people responsible” brought to justice. A UK Foreign Office spokesman said Saturday that whoever leaked the cables “should face the consequences of their actions.”

“It’s not news that the US and UK differ in how to ensure Iran is never able to acquire a nuclear weapon; but this does underline that we do not shy away from talking about our differences and working together,” the spokesman noted. “That is true of the current tensions in the Gulf where we, the UK, are in close contact with our American and European allies to de-escalate the situation.”

Trump has repeatedly deemed the Iran nuclear deal “the worst deal ever,” although some of his closest aides did not share his opinion that Iran was not adhering to the commitments of the agreement. The International Atomic Energy Agency has likewise contradicted Trump’s repeated claim that Iran “has long been secretly ‘enriching’.”

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