Andrew Yang to Give $1,000 to Twitter Followers as Test for Universal Basic Income

As the 2020 presidential race comes close, candidates make their moves to win the trust of the voters and replace President Donald Trump in the Oval Office. 

One of the Democratic presidential nominee Andrew Yang offered $1,000 a month payment for a year to the one who wins a contest as a test to run to his universal basic income plan. He announced this on “The Late Show’’ with Stephen Colbert.

He announced the contest last night as the first Democratic presidential debate will be held in three days from now.

The rules to the contest are that a Twitter user must retweet the contest announcement and follow Yang by the 4th of July. Yang tweeted:

“Let’s show why money is the answer and why this is the campaign for the people.’’

“I will give $1,000/mo for the next 12 months FREE to someone who retweets this and follows me by July 4th. Let’s show why money is the answer & why this is the campaign for people. No purchase necessary. US citizens only,’’ wrote Yang on his Twitter account.

According to his campaign, this will be the third pilot “Freedom Dividend’’ for the Democratic presidential nominee as he gave two others to voters in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Freedom Dividends are a key, and unique aspect of Yang’s campaign. His bid for the presidency is rooted in his proposal for a universal basic income. The plan would give every American, regardless of income, a $1,000 dividend each month. Yang says it would help American workers adjust to a shifting workforce as automation will leave many jobless, The Hill reports.

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