Schiff Indicates He Could Support Impeachment

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff signaled Sunday that should the White House defy a final court ruling requesting documents and testimony, he would back impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

“We may get there- a third of our caucus is there- what would get me to that point is if we get to a final court decision compelling the administration to provide testimony and documents and they refuse, then I think we’re in a full-blown constitutional crisis,” the Democratic chairman said.

Schiff added that, right now, he was not prepared to recommend impeachment, but that he could “get there” soon.

Schiff, who spoke to CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union,” echoed comments long made by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She has refused to join other members of her party in calling for impeachment, arguing that it was too early to make such a move, particularly with so many ongoing Democratic probes into the President, his administration and businesses.

Still, an increasing number of Democratic lawmakers have voiced support for beginning impeachment proceedings in the House, and a recent poll showed about 67 percent of them are in favor of impeachment. Compared to April, the figure has gone up by eight points.

Democratic Representative Katie Porter became the second lawmaker from her party representing a swing district to express support for impeachment proceedings, bringing the total number to 60 Democrats.

“It’s been a slow increase but nonetheless an increase,” Schiff said last Tuesday. “Every member has to make an individual determination about what they think is right for the country.”

But Schiff told Tapper that even though he was not ready to recommend impeachment, he listened to complaints made by people he respected, including his caucus as well as that he had “continuous discussions with the Speaker about it.”

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