Trump to Face Cold Welcome in UK

As President Donald Trump prepares for his visit to the UK, protesters there are making preparations for demonstrations intended to show the President he is not welcome in their country.

Protesters, who oppose a number of different Trump policies, have already garnered support, with over 7,600 planning to attend the demonstrations and another 33,000 expressing interest in the event on the main Facebook page.

The group organizing the protest, the Stop Trump Coalition, aims to raise 30,000 pounds to float a giant baby Trump balloon, just as they did during the President’s last year visit to London.

“This is about sending a strong message that people in the U.K. don’t accept the divisive right-wing policies that Trump stands for, and that inviting him for a state visit is totally inappropriate,” the group said.

Bloomberg writes that last year, Trump voiced displeasure with the protester’s icy welcome, saying that he felt unwelcome. That, the news outlet points out, could heighten tensions between the U.S. and UK, particularly as this year, President Trump will be much more exposed to the protests.

Namely, Trump, who was invited to the country by Queen Elizabeth II, will have lunch with outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May at her Downing Street residence Tuesday, before attending a commemoration of the 75th anniversary of D-Day the next day.

Protesters will begin their demonstrations at 11 a.m. at Trafalgar Square, near the prime minister’s residence, and will then continue to nearby locations on Trump’s itinerary.

London’s Metropolitan Police said in a statement that security operations will be at a “significant” level, noting that “this will be a multi-agency policing operation with a very experienced command team in place.”

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