Trump Sides with Kim, Attacks Biden

During his Japan visit, President Donald Trump appeared to oppose his national security advisor, who previously warned that North Korea’s missile launch was in violation with a UN Security Council resolution, saying that the move did not concern him.

Trump also seemed optimistic that the North Korean leader will make good on his promise to halt any future missile launches while siding with Kim Jong-un’s characterization of former Vice President Joe Biden as a “low-IQ individual.”In a tweet sent Sunday, the President said that Kim’s regime “fired off some small weapons, which disturbed some of my people, and others, but not me.” He then expressed confidence that Pyongyang would not continue with the practice and indicated that Kim’s insult directed at Biden was a “signal” aimed at Trump himself.

ABC News reports that a Biden campaign aide responded to the tweet shortly after, calling it “erratic and unhinged.” The aide also pointed to the fact that President Trump had misspelled Biden’s name in his first tweet, which he later deleted, saying that “the spelling error was not the main problem” with it.  

At a joint press conference with Abe, Trump further told reporters that “Joe Biden was a disaster” and that the Obama administration, which he was a part of, was also a “disaster” regarding foreign policy.

However, the President’s national security advisor John Bolton and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe did not agree with Trump’s downplaying of North Korea’s UN violation, both expressing harsh criticism over the launch.

Still, despite their starkly different opinions on North Korea’s latest move, Trump and Abe seemed to be getting along well on Sunday. Abe tweeted a photo of them playing golf and Trump said that they have made “great progress” in trade negotiations.

“We’ve had some great talk on trade, we’ve had a great talk on the military and we discussed, of course, North Korea, and I think we made a lot of progress on a lot of subjects. This is the best relationship that we’ve ever had with Japan,” Trump said after his talks with the Japanese prime minister at Akasaka Palace.

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